Creating a more organised home or office


Few things in life give me more joy than organising or clearing people’s clutter!

  • It doesn’t take long for papers, bills, accounts to pile up in the home or at work. As well as helping you sort through those papers, I will help you set up systems that will allow you to keep things well-organised in future;

  • If you need to free up space on your mobile phone or computer, sorting through photos is a very effective way to do it. Once I help you make a start, I'm confident you'll choose to continue to enjoy how easy and nice it is deleting disliked and unnecessary images from your electronic devices;

  • One of the first steps I go through with new French students is helping them organise their study notes. When I ask them a question and see them rummaging through their folders looking for the answer, I explain that if they can’t find an answer in their folders, they won’t be likely to find the answers in their brain during an exam.


5% of all income will be donated to Headspace
and 5% will go to Save-A-Dog Scheme