How My Healthy Home can help you.

Decluttering is not just about folding your clothes differently. It's also about knowing where to begin, having the vision to organise things in an effective way, getting the job done without being sidetracked by the uncertainty of keeping or releasing items...and much more.

  • If you cringe, complain, feel guilty or overwhelmed every time you look at an untidy cupboard, wardrobe or room at work or home, but can’t make a start to do anything about it, then we can help you!

  • If you feel confused, frustrated, exhausted because you can’t seem to get organised at your job or in your home, we can help you clear the clutter and feel more confident and calm;

  • If you lack the confidence to keep things tidy for long, we can work out systems, solutions or book regular follow-up sessions which will make it easy for you to be more organised.

5% of all income will be donated to Headspace
and 5% will go to Save-A-Dog Scheme