About me

Thanks to extensive travelling as a child, I learned very effective folding, organising and packing techniques from my dad who was like a Zen-master at packing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see and learn how much more you can fit into a limited space when things are placed in a certain way.

I look forward to sharing my passion for helping people free themselves from clutter!

  • As a naturopath, I’ve enjoyed helping people clear/declutter their bodies of waste and toxic build-up for 30 years using iridology, herbs and nutrition.

  • I became a yoga and meditation teacher 15 years ago to help people declutter their minds and clear and strengthen their bodies.

  • I believe a healthy outer environment at home or work will always have a positive influence on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • I am professionally equipped to deal with the most sensitive and daunting of decluttering jobs.

  • Other services offered are Naturopathy (including Iridology, Nutrition counselling, Reflexology and Herbal Medicine), private yoga and meditation tuition, French tutoring.

5% of all income will be donated to Headspace
and 5% will go to Save-A-Dog Scheme