Where does all the clutter go???

A lot of it is simply rearranged, neatly packed or stored in boxes, drawers, cupboards or on shelves where it can be easily found. Things will be organised in a way that makes sense to you, so you’ll always know where to find them and you'll find it easy, sensible and enjoyable to put them back there.

The items you decide not to keep can be donated to charity, regifted, recycled, given to friends or family, or thrown away. 

Being organized and free from clutter doesn't mean you have to live in a house that looks and feels like a display home. A healthy home has a comfortable, relaxed feel about it. Your energy feels clear and you can actually feel the energy flowing freely and easily around you.

5% of all income will be donated to Headspace
and 5% will go to Save-A-Dog Scheme